Harry Mold’s
third single,’Treadmill in a Desert’ is out now on all streaming platforms. Click the picture link and take your pick.

Harry Mold’s second single ‘Python’ is out now on all platforms!

Stream/download here

Harry will be bringing his incendiary live show to Brixton Jamm on the 11th of October and Heartbreakers in Southampton on the 26th.


Harry Mold’s debut single, ‘Drain’ is out today!

When the Horn Blows have featured Harry as their artist of the week. Here’s what they had to say about ‘Drain’, along with a Q&A with the man: 



Stream ‘Drain’ on Spotify HERE:

Harry Mold

Indie Rock and Soul

Harry Mold is a songwriter whose craft sees him conjure fresh, indie spiked rock ‘n’ roll through seamlessly blending elements from his broad palette of idols with a quickening modernity.

His voice is soulful and at times his gravelly undertones bring a flavour of the blues to his already expressive songs.

His musical well is deep, keeping the listener on their toes as flashes of Britpop rub shoulders with soulful passages and classic songsmithery. Mold is fiercely studious of the music he listens to and as a result, he is conscious of his methods in attaining his identity; this is music made with heart and mind working in tandem.

His music is difficult to pigeonhole and he credits Bowie as an influence in his uncanny ability to cross genres. This can be heard in his expansive approach which takes in classic rock sounds along with the textures of artists such as The Stone Roses and the Verve.

Harry Mold is an artist as prolific as his music is exciting and he is already creating a future in which his music will have left its indelible mark.