Our branding and visual identity man, Gareth Wright of Engage Convert gives us the lowdown on the year he has had with us, a year in which he has brought his unique skill set and vision to the Touch fold.

So 2018, what a year! As well as huge growth for my design agency Engage Convert, I’ve been lucky enough to be heavily involved in one of my other passions, music. Joining a new dynamic record label like Touch Recordings has been a dream come true! An even bigger opportunity to be part of the journey from its conception.

As soon as I heard the vision from John and Zena, I knew I wanted in. A new label based out of Soho with a passion to deliver great music, do right by the artists and make an impact. Ambitions to change the music industry and rethink how traditional music label business is done. Fresh thinking and innovation core elements to its strategy

It’s been a successful year, springboarding the label’s exciting artists. Our stable of talent, a fusion of dynamic sounds from powerful UK Hip Hop to electronic, indie spiked rock ‘n’ roll to the sensual beats of cotton laced RNB.

My role to play this year has been heading up the creative design, establishing the visual identity and digital landscape around the brand. Plus supporting our artists with their visual creative, to create engaging brand assets.

The ‘Touch Recordings’ brand encapsulates our vision, ethos, and values, providing a foundation to build the label.  This is all indicative of our ‘why’ culture and our unique offering: how we show up every day.

The logo identity is at the heart of this, with its diamond shape and forms representative of our solid durability, the cutting edge we have as a label, carving opportunities for artists and creating space to be innovative.

The diamond shape has synergy with our artists. Our artists are our precious stones, the discovery of talent that shine brighter than others in the industry, incredibly talented individuals that emanate a special glint, that extra quality that sets their sound apart.

The multiple different shards and forms in the logo convey diversity, not only the many different genres of music, or sounds we bring, but also representative of the different areas of expertise we surround our artists with. From our experience, PR, legal, creative to robust business savvy and marketing prowess. The outcome, to provide an environment that allows the artist to have creative freedom to produce their sound, within a framework set up to support and empower them, to realise their full potential and create opportunity.

The chemistry the label has built this year is incredible. It’s drive, passion, and sense of purpose is infectious. Its been an epic year and plans for 2019 and beyond are buzzing, watch this space, people. Touch Recordings has arrived!

G x